Philip Trueman – Amatsu

What is Amatsu?

Amatsu is an holistic Japanese therapy that has evolved over the last five thousand years. Influences by Chinese, Korean as well as other oriental sciences and philosophies, it has grown into its present form through research and clinical experiences of its practitioners.
Amatsu Natural Japanese Medicines emerged in the West due to the efforts of three westerners; Dennis Bartram, William Doolan & Chris Rowarth, studying under the guidance of Professor Masaaki Hatsumi.

Who is Philip Trueman?

Philip has been practicing Amatsu since 2003. He has studied under both Dennis Bartram and William Doolan. He is qualified in Anma, Seitai, Chuden and Shinden Jutsu. He practices at the Healthy Living Centre in Athy and in Blessington.

What treatment involves?

During the first session (balance) a detailed personal history is taken to give the therapist a clear idea of the complaints. Using a combination of observation, muscle testing and palpation (touch) further information on the current state of the body is gathered before applying a combination of techniques to suit the clients’ needs.
Amatsu treats the whole body, not just the symptoms. Techniques, such as massage, mobilisation, re-patterning and Cranial balancing are used in many combinations to suit the client’s needs. Regaining natural, healthy patterns is the aim of every Amatsu session. It is not unusual to feel different straight away, although some people feel the changes over the first few days following treatment. Some people may feel tired, while others get a boost of energy. The body is simply adjusting to the changes.
It is always recommended to drink plenty of water following treatment to keep the body hydrated.