Booking at the Healthy Living Centre?

Healthy Living Centre has a range of qualified therapists working across a range of disciplines.
All therapies are provided in the custom built facilities at the Healthy Living Centre.
Therapy rooms are comfortable and private.
Appointments can be made by contacting the booking line on 059 864 1535
Go to our drop down menu under Treatments to learn about our different types of Treatments.

What Treatments

Our Treatment rooms opened in 2008 when we opened the two floors above the shop and we changed our name to “The Healthy Living Centre”. We have a yoga/pilates studio and four treatment rooms offering a range of treatments like Acupuncture, Amatsu, Aromatherapy, Counselling, Energy therapy, Focusing, Kinesiology, Life coaching, Massage, Reflexology, Spiritual healing and Reiki.Some of the best therapists in Kildare work from our rooms.

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