About Amatsu

Amatsu is a holistic Japanese osteopathic therapy that has evolved over a period of 5,000 years. Influenced by Chinese, Korean and other Oriental sciences and philosophies, it has grown into its present form through research and thousands of clinical hours.

The Origins of Amatsu

Hichi buku goshin jutsu ryu (the tradition of the secret flower opening school for the defence of the self) is the ancient traditional healing art of Japan, the main purpose of which is the restoration of the body’s ability to heal itself through gentle manipulation of ligaments and skeletal muscular systems, etc.

Amatsu Tatara (meaning “Sky Harbour”, or literally Divine Residence / God’s Port) is a collaboration of martial arts, medicine, philosophy, strategy and religion that has been practised in Japan for over 2000 years. Its principles and practices have recently been rediscovered in the West and clinically evaluated.

Healthy Living Centre Amatsu

Our Amatsu treatment in Athy looks after all ages ranging from the very old who are looking for increased flexibility, to newborn babies that benefit with great relief from colic. People come for a treatment for all sorts of reasons old car crash injuries, riding accidents, general re-alignments or even to get twenty extra yards on their golf swing. One of the things I personally like about Amatsu is there is no set amount of treatments needed. You may get relief on your first visit, it may take a couple of sessions, but you’re never put under pressure to return.

What a session in Athy consists of

During your first session (Balance) a detailed personal history is taken to give the practitioner a clear idea of the problem. Using a combination of observation, muscle testing, and palpation (touch) further information on the current state of the body is gathered before applying a combination of techniques to suit the clients needs.

It is not unusual to feel different straight away, although some people feel the changes over the first few days following treatment. Some people may feel tired; others get a boost of energy. The body is simply adjusting to the changes. It is always recommended to drink plenty of water following treatment to keep the body hydrated.

What you need to do

Wearing something comfortable like tracksuit bottoms can help with movement but is not essential. Drinking some water before and after treatment is beneficial.

The cost of the treatment is €60.