A Kinesiologist uses muscle testing (sometimes called monitoring) to identify the priority order of the energy balancing that needs to be done with  clients, exactly what may be interfering with your well being, and which energy balancing methods to use for you to bring your body back into balance and harmony with itself.

Common forms of procedures include the use of magnets, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, crystals, foods, vitamins, herbs, or even a particular thought. Most clients find the session a relaxing and enjoyable experience, although they may be a little amazed as to how such unusual work can leave them feeling so much better!

Every session is unique
No two sessions are the same, even for people with similar concerns, because you are  addressed as a unique individual. Kinesiology uses a truly holistic approach, attending to all types of imbalances and making it an especially powerful self-healing system.
In a single session, you may identify Bio-Energetic reactions to substances, changes in lifestyle required to have more balance, re balance chakras, and enhance the spiritual aspects of your life, etc.

Kinesiology is most commonly used to help with diet and nutrition and to help with food sensitivities etc.

But you don’t have to be have specific concerns to benefit . Even when there is no obvious issue, it may well be possible to improve your wellbeing, attitude or potential. A regular session has been reported to enable people’s Bio Energy system to remain in balance allowing them to achieve overall well-being on a regular basis.
Kinesiology is used for phobias, fears, exam nerves, study blocks, emotional traumas,  effects from surgery, grief , car accidents.
It can also be used for physical pain , tiredness, sleeping problems, hormonal imbalances, period pain, mood swings, irritable bowel.

Kinesiology is suitable for all age groups.