Allergy Test

Why would you have an Allergy Test?

To increase your energy and vitality, to reduce excess mucous production. To improve irritating skin conditions. To eliminate headaches and migraines

As if that wasn’t enough reasons, here’s some more:

To relieve Irritable Bowel Syndrome flatulence, bloating, cramps. To get a good night’s sleep or even to reduce irritability. To reduce water retention and fluctuating weight gain. To improve your general health and well being.

We have a very experienced therapist doing allergy testing with us. With over 20 years experience, she gets very good results as long as people are willing to work with her.

Marianne uses a vega machine (see picture below) which allows her to identify the food groups that are causing an intolerance to a person at any given time. When these offending foods are taken out of the diet the digestive system is given time to recover and people usually feel much better in themselves.

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