Yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong

Easy Yoga at the Healthy Living Centre, Athy

A range of classes are held in the comfortable classroom on the first floor at the Healthy Living Centre.
We have classes like Yoga to help relax you while helping keep you flexible. Pilates classes are great to strengthen your core muscles as well as dealing with any problem muscles. Meditation is a great way to help you focus on the now putting your worries at the door.  Please use the side entrance for classes that occur outside shop hours.
To book your classes telephone 059 8641535.


September Classes

Monday (with Mark)

Yoga 5.45-6.45pm All Levels

Yoga 7-8pm All Levels

6 weeks €60 Starts 19th September

Tuesday (with Clare)

Pilates 10-11am Improvers

Pilates 11-12pm Improvers

Pilates 6.30pm Improvers

Pilates 7.30pm Beginners

7 weeks €90 Starts 6th September

Wednesday (with Adela)

9.45am Energy Yoga All Levels

11am Therapeutic Yoga

7.05pm Yoga Beginners

8.30pm Hatha Yoga Improvers

5 weeks €50 Starts 14th September


Thursday (with Mark)

Qi Gong 10-11.30am All Levels

6 weeks €60 Starts 15th September

Thursday (with Paul)

Hatha Yoga 6.45pm
Ashtanga Yoga 8.15pm

6 weeks €100 Starts15th September

Friday Tai Chi (with Yuki)

0-11am 6 weeks €50 Sept 16th

Saturday (with Clare)

Pilates 11am Mixed Ability

Pilates 11am Mixed Ability

7 weeks €90 Starts 3rd September


To book your place go to

Call 0598641535 to book.


For more info on any classes call 059 8641535

Please note that classes generally get booked up quite some time in advance.  Send us your email address and we’ll keep you in the loop…..

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I can't believe they do Yoga in Athy


Great for your posture


Why doesn't everyone just chill out

Core Class

You've got to be hardcore to do our core