My first Yoga Class

We have been running yoga classes for years now at the Healthy Living Centre. I think it was fear of the unknown that kept me away from the classroom for so long. But having injured my shoulder over the Christmas, I decided the time was right to put on the spandex (only joking) and try out Adela’s Tuesday morning Yoga class.

I was very surprised at how I was able to do most of the exercises (even though I probably looked like an Orangutan in motion for most of the class). I was also surprised that even though most of the exercises were “Gentle” the next day I felt aches all over my body.

I can see how you could become addicted to this form of exercise. The combination of stretching while breathing really focuses the mind. Maybe it’s a guy thing but I can only focus on one thing at a time. Therefore all other thoughts and worries leave the mind for that hour and a half. If any thoughts start to sneak in again – then I’d probably fall over.

After about an hour of this gentle stretching while breathing, Adela does a meditation for half an hour. Total switch off.

The only problem is I have to go back to work after the class.

I’ll be back next week. If you are interested in doing Adela’s Yoga class too just call her on 086-8717573 to book a place.