Cathy tells the difference between Kinesiology and Amatsu

Cathy has been studying Complementary Medicine for 20 years.
Her journey began during her nursing studies in the U.K., where she took a 3 week introductory class.
Hooked she started studying aromatherapy massage and used this with her patients whilst working as a staff nurse on a chest medicine ward.

From there she studied Reiki and became a Reiki Master. Not until she found kinesiology and Amatsu did she find her true home. Cathy uses her training to tune into her clients ailments.

From her range of tools and experience she assists her clients to attaining well being.
Her range of tools varies from stress release , food sensitivity testing, vitamin testing, Bach and indigo essences and creams to muscle, ligament , fascia , structural and tendon balancing.
For an appointment contact Cathy Melling (087) 2337256.


So what is Amatsu?

Amatsu consists of four techniques. It originates in japan and has been adapted into a European model.

The first technique is amna which means to push and pull. We use this on muscles, tendons and ligaments and during massage. The second is seitai which means to integrate the body as a whole, mind body and soul.

We also use re-patterning which allows the body to function at its optimum. The body loses its original pattern after injuries and trauma.

The third Shinden Jutsu which means all encompassing. This we also call visceral as we now include organs and glands. Mostly used for digestive and elimination problems.

The fourth is Kenku Jutsu, here we use Cranio- sacral techniques to balance the spinal fluid and release neck and facial problems.

Kinesiology explained

Kinesiology is a group of techniques used to facilitate all problems.
Muscle testing is used to create a bio feedback where the practitioner can ascertain problems in the clients system. Kinesiology techniques can be grouped into the following,

Nutrition: including sensitivity and vitamin deficiency testing
Emotional release : for trauma, phobias , addictions.
Vibrational: using essences, Bach,Indigo, crystals, drums, chakra clearing.
Electrical : dehydration, stress (geopathic) dyslexia, meridian blockages.
Physical: muscular imbalances, lymphatic blockage.
Muscle testing is used in both kinesiology and Amatsu.It is a technique developed by chiropractic’s to gain information about the origin of symptoms.

Appointments made directly through Cathy. Your first appointment lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.

This includes a consultation and is €75
Sessions thereafter are €60 for the hour.
Indigo essences mix included if required.  Indigo essence creams €6.00, then €4.50 when recycling container provided.

Cathy also attends super Saturday . One Saturday a month where she holds clinic for €25 for one hour. These book out quickly. Please see a staff member in store to make a booking.

For an appointment contact Cathy Melling (087) 2337256